Thursday, May 9, 2013

"Spirituality is making your bed in the morning." Vince DiPasquale

...and those were the words I was meant to hear last night.

Vince DiPasquale is the founder and Director of Starting Point, a recovery and twelve step facility in Westmont, NJ. Starting Point also hosts Joyful Gathering Spiritual Center, where I worship, attend classes and serve.

Every Wednesday night, Vince offers free lectures open to the public at 5:30 and 7:00 PM on subjects related to the Twelve Steps. It's been several months since I last attended one of his talks but I felt that stirring within telling me I should go. Whenever I sense that prompting and hear that "still small voice" these days, I tend to listen.

I have been flying high a bit lately, still floating from my experience at the A Course in Miracles conference in Chicago a few weeks ago, the Radical Forgiveness class at Joyful Gathering and my own studies in pursuit of a Masters in Religious Studies. However, I still have my moments of self-doubt and heed the voice of my inner critic (aka the ego/the Liar) more often than I should. And sometimes I feel like I know less than I think but way more than I believe.

Which is how and why I winded up in Vince's lecture room listening to a talk on the subject of "Spirituality" on a late Wednesday afternoon.

Vince began his lecture by explaining the latin roots of "spirituality" as spiritualitas, loosely defined as being animated by God. Or, in other words, Spirit in action.

This is the reminder I needed. Spirituality isn't just about connecting to God through meditation, prayer and devotional study. It isn't just about connecting to like minded people at conferences, classes and services. Nor is it just about recognizing the Christ-consciousness in complete strangers or even finding the ability to forgive the unforgivable.

Spirituality is the attitude, the mindset, the heartlight, in which we perform even the most perceived mundane tasks. Making the bed. Washing the dishes. Doing the laundry. Flossing the teeth. Attending another "pointless" meeting. Finishing a project by the deadline. Catching the next train. Patiently waiting behind the driver who forgot to put on the blinker.

Spirituality is attending a talk I was guided to hear...

and actually listening.

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